Brett Parson

Brett Press Photo has been serving the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington D.C. (MPDC) for over 2 decades and has been involved in Law Enforcement for 30 years. He is currently assigned to the Metropolitan Police Department’s Academy, where he is overseeing several special projects for the Chief of Police.

From 1999 until 2009, Brett was assigned to the Executive Office of the Chief of Police, where he commanded the department’s Special Liaison Unit (SLU) and was an assistant to Chief Cathy Lanier. Under Parson’s command were the department’s four liaison units: Gay and Lesbian, Latino, Asian and Deaf & Hard of Hearing. Brett remained involved with the Gay & Lesbian Liaison Unit’s (GLLU) work until September 2009, when he requested to return to patrol operations.

Since leaving the GLLU, he continues to speak publicly regarding GLBT issues and trains law enforcement in ways to better serve the GLBT communities. Community members, law enforcement and the media have recognized him as a national leader in GLBT-Police relations. Brett is nationally and internationally recognized as a resource for investigations involving crimes by – and against – the GLBT communities and he has spoken and taught in several other countries on the subject of providing diverse policing, hate/bias crime enforcement & investigations and intimate partner violence.

Brett received his B.A. (Criminal Justice/Spanish) from the University of Maryland at College Park (Go Terps!). From 1991-1993, he pursued his M.A. at the same school, studying Criminal Justice and Counseling. He is a certified POST instructor in DC and Maryland.  A native Washingtonian and current resident, Brett’s parents still live in the area, allowing him to unwind with family and life-long friends.

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