Danielle Bottineau


Police Constable Danielle Bottineau has wanted to be a police officer since childhood. She was influenced and vividly remembers positive interactions with police officers from her smaller hometown community. In preparation for her policing career Danielle attended the University of Windsor, Westervelt College and the Ontario Police College where she obtained an education in criminology, sociology and law enforcement.

Danielle has been employed by the Toronto Police Service since 1999 and has excelled in both uniform and investigative positions. Danielle is an experienced child abuse and sexual assault investigator which left her with a deep compassion and understanding of the most vulnerable victims of crime. Danielle further expanded her knowledge with a position in the employment and recruiting unit, hiring and screening the right officers for the Toronto Police Service.

Danielle has held the position of LGBTQ Liaison officer for the Toronto Police Service for five years. She has taken what was once a challenged relationship between the LGBTQ community and the Toronto Police Service to a healthy partnership full of respect, openness and trust. The Toronto Police Service and Toronto’s LGBTQ community see her as a crucial conduit to the success of this relationship.

Danielle is an investigative resource for hate crimes targeting the LGBTQ community. She is balanced, engaging and patient. She is recognised as an educator, a mentor and an unbiased listener by her peers within the policing community. Danielle has built strong partnerships and relationships with non-government organizations that defend the right of the LGBTQ members.

There is no doubt that Canada leads the world in progressive principles, laws and culture. Danielle’s leadership has crossed oceans on behalf of her community. She has become a key resource for ongoing regional police and judicial training in Montenegro with a focus on combating Hate Crime and Bias motivated violence against LGBTQ people in the Balkans. A partnership with the Government of Montenegro and the Police Directorate of Montenegro was created , in collaboration with Egale Canada.

Danielle is proud of her policing career, proud of her skills, proud to represent the Toronto Police Service and her country on this international stage, at this conference. Danielle is proud to be a Canadian. Proud of her country where diversity, equality and inclusivity are celebrated in day to day life.

Danielle resides in the City of Toronto with her wife of 13 years.