Hetty Nietsch

!cid_image001_jpg@01D1DD06Hetty Nietsch (1958) is a journalist and television director. For twelve years she worked for the Dutch daily morning paper Trouw. After that she joined Vara-broadcasting at public television. First as a researcher for a well known talkshow, after that she became a reporter with the background news program Nova. After eight years she joined the investigative documentary series Zembla and made forty programs on very diverse subjects. Since a few years she makes documentaries on her own, like ‘Valentijn’, ‘Aids, fleeing wasn’t possible’ (on the first outbreak of Aids in the eighties among flight attendants, also at KLM-airlines), ‘The small world of Machteld Cossee’ (six years following the life of a young woman and mother going deaf and blind) and recently: ‘One way ticket to the Caliphate’ (about the relatives of young Dutch people who have joined the caliphate).

At the conference, Hetty will be present at the showing of her documentary ‘Valentijn’ and is available to answer questions afterward.

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