Simonetta Moro

simonetta_moroSimonetta is a psychologist-psychotherapist and police officer in the Municipal Police of Bologna (Italy). She is the president of the Italian LGBT police and army association “Polis Aperta” and deputy board member of the European LGBT Police Association (EGPA).

Simonetta attended the “Training of Trainers” on TAHCLE Program (Training Against Hate Crimes for Law Enforcement) at the ODIHR – OSCE Office in Warsaw (Poland) and the “Police Training of Trainers on non-discrimination with a focus on Roma and on sexual orientation and gender identity” at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg (France). She delivered the first training on LGBT issues for the Italian local police based on the EGPA Police Toolkit and she helped the Italian Observatory against discrimination acts (OSCAD) in trainings for State Police and Carabinieri. Simonetta aims to build bridges of trust between the LGBT community and the police forces, overcoming mutual prejudices, in order to finally fight together against transphobia and homophobia.



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